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We guarantee return on every marketing $!

We’ve used Paychex for years.  Plain and simple…They make every aspect of our payroll, payroll taxes and employee benefits easier!!

Over half a million U.S. businesses trust our services.  Here is a list of reasons to call and speak with our services experts:

    One month of payroll processing free.

    Free customized payroll quote that meets each customer’s specific needs.

    Multiple payroll submission methods for ease of use including phone, fax, or online.

    Payroll tax administration.

    Workers compensation.

    401 (k) and retirement services.

    Health insurance.

    Time and labor solutions.

    HR outsourcing solutions.

Paychex Payroll and HR Solutions

Paychex Payroll Services: Sign up Today!


Online Lead Generation Companies and Banner Advertising Agency pioneering the way of Online Customer Acquisition Marketing

Email Marketing

Targeted email marketing that works!

List Management – Generate additional revenue from your lead acquisition program while protecting your core business

ESP Solutions – Use our full service solution for creating, managing, and optimizing your email marketing programs

Lead Generation

Improve ROI with high performing, customized landing pages

Generate qualified leads and capture actionable marketing intelligence via our network of top-ranked lead generation Web properties in several verticals including; debt, payday, insurance, business opportunity, education, credit repair, health & beauty and more.

Receive all leads in real-time as they’re generated


Reach millions of qualified active consumers participating in research panels, polls, and online surveys

Build a prospective database of new customers

Put your offer in front of millions to potentail customers

Affiliate Marketing

Pay for results – We earn revenue when you do.

Run your offers over the network with several thousand leading online publishers


Full access to Real-time reporting powered by EFFECTUS

Conversion Tracking, Analytics, and Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is a process designed to improve the ratio of website visitors who complete desired actions based on either subtle or direct requests. A successful conversion might be a website sale, a membership registration, a download, or even a completed contact form. The goal of a CRO campaign is to increase the number of website conversions from existing traffic as opposed to increasing traffic. The CRO process has really taken website design and marketing to a whole new level. It’s created a need for scientific analysis in an industry that has been anything but scientific.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has become an important part of most online marketing campaigns. Its popularity has grown considerably the past five years creating a huge marketing opportunity for those who take advantage of this new form of advertising. It’s astonishing how many benefits some companies receive from social media, but we caution those considering it as part of their marketing strategy to learn how to use it effectively so that they can avoid the major pitfalls. For those who understand social media, it can be a powerful tool for both gaining and retaining clients, but at the same time, improper use can lead to dismal results and wasted money.

Search Engine Optimization

Turn Keyswords into sales with our PPC management

Organic SEO technics will improve your page ranking and increase your web site traffic

Improve link building and on-page optimization

Design & Logo Design

Banner & Rich Media Creatives

Web Design & Landing Pages

Direct Mail, Telemarketing Lists & B2C Data

Verified data records

Records can come with: name, address, phone, email, gender, DOB and custom fields

Receive the data in real-time, ftp or batched and in any format

Call Center Solutions

Generate sales or leads with our 150 seat call center

Detailed Reporting & recorded calls

Fast and reliable customer support