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We guarantee return on every marketing $!

BMI is a fast growth media company conceived of and for the permission marketing age.  Media by definition is about content.  This is true online or off.  But end users expect more of their content and that is what BMG sets out to deliver in each of its marketing products and sites..

In many ways the company is looking to revolutionize how premium content is created, shared and monetized.

DC Publications was the first venture launched by BMI in the early months of 1989.  Since then it has proven to be one of the most diversified companies of it’s size ever.  Hole in One was launched in late December  of 1995 and spawned Shangri-La Golf in 1999.

In each case we strive to provide our partners with the best vehicle available in the respective fields and to do so at a scale well beyond anyone else in the product.  By delivering unique opportunities, great professional-grade graphics and in depth data we hope to delight and fulfill all our clients expectations and profit needs.

In the coming months BMI plans to launch many more world-class entities in other high interest mass vertical content arenas.

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